J-Fiber Jena

j-fiber is one of the leading suppliers of optical fibers and reliable partner to the cable industry worldwide. With high-performance, future-safe and cost-efficient Multimode and Singlemode fibers we support cable solutions for up to 100 Gb/s Ethernet high-speed data transmission in Local Area Networks and data center.

As the internal competence center for fused silica and preforms we enable the development and manufacturing of innovative fiber optics specialty solutions for LEONI Group’s Business Unit Fiber Optics.


Standard Optical Fibers


Fibers for LAN/Data center
Singlemode fibers
Services and outsourcing options for cable manufacturers

Processing + Engineering


Fiber making systems and equipment
OEM solutions design and manufacturing

Specialty Fibers


Innovative specialty fibers for fiber optic product solutions in optics/photonics devices

Preforms, Tubes + Rods


Ultra-pure fused silica for high-performance optical fiber manufacturing
Tubes and Rods for OEM preform manufacturing
Tubes and Rods for capillary and fibers
Preforms for OEM fiber manufacturing

Fused Silica


Ultra-pure optics materials for optic/laser applications
Excimer laser optics and beam delivery systems
DUV and UV optics components
Standard optics (VIS and NIR)
Laser fusion, technical applications, Lithography


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