Singlemode special optical fibers

Bend-insensitive, Select-Cut-Off, and polarization-maintaining (PM) fibers

LEONI offers a broad portfolio of Select-Cut-Off fibers and polarization-maintaining singlemode fibers for a broad working wavelength range from UV to IR.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Made-to-measure manufacturing and assembly to match customer requirements
  • Excellent geometric specifications with tight tolerances

Singlemode special fibers are used in sensor technology, for high-power laser transmission, and for data transmission in application-optimized transmission systems.

Range of products and services

Product portfolio

  • Wavelength range from UV to IR
  • Select-Cut-Off
  • Polarization-maintaining
  • Bend-insensitive

Product properties

  • Excellent geometric specifications
  • High stability and optimal tolerances in fiber geometry
  • Wide range of options to adjust fiber design to customer requirements
  • Customer-specific cut-off wavelengths and mode field diameters

Ordering options

  • Select Cut-Off
  • Various dopings and NAs
  • Diverse coatings (acrylate, dual acrylate, high-temperature dual acrylate or polyimide coatings)
  • Reduced cladding geometries
  • Adjusted dispersion
  • Additional protective cladding with polyamide or ETFE buffer materials for deployment at various temperature ranges or in environments exposed to chemical factors
  • All fibers can be assembled specifically for the customer’s individual application scenario

Fields of use

  • Data transmission in optical communications
  • Sensor technology
  • High-power laser transmission

Further information

Singlemode special fibers can be adjusted to any customer application as required. Multiple individually adjustable variables can be selected here: Core · Cladding · Coating · Cable design · Assembly

  • Fiber core and cladding diameter can be adjusted to match application requirements
  • Cut-off wavelength can be adjusted to the required application wavelength
  • Specially selected coating materials offer optimal protection for fibers against a variety of mechanical, thermal or chemical environmental factors
  • All fibers can be assembled specifically for the customer’s individual application scenario.