Singlemode fibers G.657.A1 (250 µm / 200 µm)

The bend-optimized alternative for demanding applications

  • Significantly reduced increase in attenuation due to bending compared with G.652.D fibers (macrobending)
  • Available as a mini version with 200 µm coating for increased fiber count in cable
  • Optionally available in 16 colors plus flexible ring marking
  • Optionally available with alternative coatings for an extended temperature range – high-temperature fibers
  • Made in Germany

Your advantages at a glance

  • Fully standardized – compatible with use for 1,310 nm, 1,550 nm, and 1,625 nm
  • Reduced sensitivity to macrobending: increase in attenuation cut by 5x to 10x (at 1,550 nm) compared with standard singlemode fibers
  • Lower attenuation across the entire range (Low Water Peak), enables a wide choice of wavelength-selective transmission channels (CWDM/DWDM, OS2 level)
  • Lowest splice attenuation thanks to controlled production/testing procedures
  • Very good microbending behavior makes it a proven solution for all cable designs, e.g. loose tubes, central loose tubes, slotted core cable, patch cords, j-fiber Units
  • Ideal for use in metro networks, LAN, and structured cabling
  • Mini-version (200 µm) allows significantly higher fiber counts for a specified core diameter

Range of products and services

Product portfolio

  • Field-tested singlemode fibers as a cost-effective and reliable fiber solution for covering longer distances in local networks as well as for FTTC/FTTH applications
  • Compatibility with the installed base network
  • Optimized bending properties for rugged and flexible applications with lowest attenuation, perfect fiber geometry, and lowest diameter tolerances at the same time

Product properties

  • Minimal attenuation sensitivity for bends
  • Compatibility with standard singlemode fibers thanks to modified mode field diameter

Ordering options

  • Various lengths
  • Various attenuation classes available
  • Available with 250 µm and 200 µm coating diameters
  • Available uncolored or in 16 IEC colors
  • Additional ring marking possible (please clarify coding)
  • Various proof test levels on request
  • Available as fiber set (FiberUnit) with 6/8/12 fibers

Fields of use

  • Telecommunications cable
  • Metro/distribution networks
  • Structured cabling
  • Data centers
  • Universal cable
  • Distribution-level outdoor cable
  • Service connection outdoor cable
  • FTTX applications



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Low Bend Loss Singlemode Fiber j-LBL G.657.A1

Low Bend Loss Singlemode Fiber j-LBL G.657.A1