Singlemode fibers G.652.D

The wide-area standard – millions of installations worldwide

This fiber is the standard for transmissions across the entire wavelength range from 1,260 nm to 1,625 nm. Thanks to its reliably low long-term attenuation at 1,383 nm (Low Water Peak), the fiber not only supports applications at the conventional 1,310 nm and 1,550 nm wavelengths, but also in the broadband range (CWDM, DWDM). This fiber is the ideal choice when cost optimization needs to be matched to maximum flexibility in fiber-optic networks.

  • Lowest attenuation for long lengths
  • Optionally available in 16 colors plus flexible ring marking
  • Optionally available with alternative coatings for an extended temperature range – high-temperature fibers
  • Made in Germany

Your advantages at a glance

  • Fully standardized – compatible with use for 1,310 nm, 1,550 nm, and 1,625 nm
  • Lowest attenuation across the entire range (Low Water Peak), enables a wide choice of wavelength-selective transmission channels (CWDM/DWDM)
  • Lowest splice attenuation thanks to controlled production/testing procedures


Range of products and services

Product portfolio

  • Field-tested singlemode fibers as cost-effective and reliable fiber solutions: the preferred choice for bridging longer distances in long-distance network cabling
  • Cost-effective fibers
  • Deployable for multi-channel operations (CWDM/DWDM)
  • Full compatibility with the installed base network
  • Optimized micro-bending properties for rugged and flexible applications using all typical cable architectures

Product properties

  • Low attenuation
  • Low PMD values enable high transmission speeds
  • High transmission speeds possible with multi-channel operation
  • Controlled parameters ensure minimal splice attenuation
  • Full compatibility with the installed base network

Ordering options

  • Various lengths
  • Various attenuation classes available
  • Available uncolored or in 16 IEC colors
  • Additional ring marking possible (please clarify coding)
  • Various proof test levels on request
  • Available as fiber set (FiberUnit) with 6/8/12 fibers

Fields of use

  • Telecommunications cable
  • Metro/distribution networks
  • Earth/phase conductor aerial cable in high-voltage networks
  • Universal cable
  • Distribution-level outdoor cable
  • Service connection outdoor cable
  • Aerial cable (ADSS)
  • FTTX applications
  • Sensor applications (temperature, elongation)



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Low Water Peak Singlemode Fiber j-LWP SMF+ (ITU-T G.652.D)

Low Water Peak Singlemode Fiber j-LWP SMF+ (ITU-T G.652.D)