j-BendAble OM1

For applications with tight bending radii

With the j-bendAble OM1, j-fiber offers a 62.5 µm multimode fiber optimized for small bending radii, for high data transmission rates across short and medium distances in local networks (LAN).

Your advantages at a glance

  • Fibers fulfil or exceed the quality standards ITU G.651 and IEC 60793-2-10
  • Very low bend losses plus full compatibility with all standardized OM1 fibers
  • Use for laser-based high-speed protocols and also for LED-supported networks
  • Support for fiber-optical network protocols like Gigabit Ethernet, STM, Fast Ethernet in local area networks (LAN), storage area networks (SAN), and parallel high-speed connections
  • Ideal for applications involving tight bending radii in riser cabling, plenum cabling, and in local access networks
  • Optimized for use at 850 nm and 1,300 nm with minimal attenuation and high bandwidths
  • Cost-efficient solution for migrating LED light sources to laser light sources (VCSEL)
  • Outstanding splice properties plus compatibility with installed fiber networks and photonic components
  • Alternative coating materials available for minimal microbending losses, harsh environments, or high temperatures
  • Made in Germany

Range of products and services

Product portfolio

Product properties

  • Very low macro-/microbending losses plus full compatibility with all standard OM1 fibers
  • Radiation-hard (optional)
  • Suitable for harsh environments, high temperatures (optional)
  • Colored and ring-marked (optional)

Ordering options

  • Various bandwidth levels
  • Various coatings
  • Various colors
  • Ring marking
  • As fiber set
  • Varying length
  • Number
  • Various proof test levels
  • Radiation-resistant
  • Customer-specific

Fields of use

  • In data centers and local networks plus low bending radii
  • Radiation-hard fibers for data transmission in nuclear power stations
  • Data transmission in aerospace



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Bend Optimized OM1 Multimode Fibers

Bend Optimized OM1 Multimode Fibers