Optical Metrology, Machinery & Sensors

Fiber optics for sensor, analysis, and measurement technology

j-fiber is a market leader in the field of high-quality, customer-specific fiber optical solutions for highly complex and demanding industrial and scientific applications. Our fibers are an excellent choice for:

  • Spectroscopic analysis of the optical properties and composition of solids, liquids, and gases
  • Fiber-optical measurement of physical, dynamic, and geometric properties (e.g. temperature, pressure, vibration, distance)
  • Applications in the DUV/UV-VIS spectral region and up to NIR
  • Singlemode and multimode applications

We offer

  • Broad choice for meeting customer’s optical requirements (numerical aperture, fiber geometry)
  • Application-specific cladding and jacket materials

Your advantages

  • Full bandwidth of special optical fibers from in-house production
  • Solutions for manufacturing and research from a single source
  • OEM and ODM partner
  • Joint development of prototypes for high-volume production
  • Global presence

Our strengths

  • j-fiber offers a fully featured fiber portfolio:
    • All types of standard multimode fibers (OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OM5)
    • Special multimode fibers (acc. to MIL specifications, sensor fibers for DTS systems)
    • Multimode step-index preforms and fibers for high-power laser applications
    • Standard singlemode fibers (ITU-T G.652.D, G.657.A1, G.657.A2)
    • Special singlemode fibers (mode field diameter, cut-off wavelength, customer-specific numerical aperture)
  • All fibers available with alternative coatings, UV-hardened buffer materials for extended temperature range (acrylate/PI) and different layer sizes (200/500µm)
  • Complete value chain (preforms, fibers, buffer) with the option of modifications during any stage
  • Highest quality standards
  • Excellence in production and logistics


Fields of use

  • Semiconductor industry
  • Quality control
  • Process analysis
  • Surface and material analysis
  • Environmental analysis
  • Particle measurement
  • Monitoring and control
  • Diagnostics in life sciences and healthcare
  • Spectroscopy (Raman, atomic and molecular, NIR, MIR, UV-VIS) 
  • Optical sensor technology
  • Optical microscopy
  • Reflection sensor systems 
  • Fluorescence excitation
  • Fiber optical detection
  • Surface sensor technology

Other products

  • Preforms and fibers with special shape requirements of core and cladding (Non-circular shaped (NCS), polygonal)
  • Special coilings
  • Polarization-maintaining fibers and switches

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