Factory Automation

Optical fibers for Industry 4.0

We are optical fiber experts with a deep understanding of the special needs and requirements relevant for factory automation. Our broad-based product portfolio offers extensive deployment options:

  • Fused Silica
  • Control systems in automation technology, in mechanical and plant engineering, in robotics, and for controlling and measuring electrical parameters
  • Laser technology

Your advantages

  • Extensive product portfolio of optical fibers for various applications
  • Future-oriented data and signal transmission systems
  • Joint system and solution development projects
  • Quality control in accordance with international standards
  • Global presence

Our strengths

  • Extensive value chain
  • Highest quality standards
  • Custom builds to customer requirements
  • Excellence in production and logistics
  • Broad product portfolio
  • Integrated consulting and support

Fields of use

  • Factory automation (plant networking, 3D printing)
  • Industrial laser technology
  • Optical industry
  • Optical metrology



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