Quality & Environment

Products certified and tested to the very highest quality requirements

The quality and environmental protection management systems used at j-fiber GmbH and j-plasma GmbH are certified to DIN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

We have implemented a company-wide management system (IMS) that works continuously to identify potential for optimization within the company. External and internal audits are used to ensure that j-fiber Group continues to meet its high standards for environmental protection and quality.

Manufacturing to demanding U.S. MIL-STD-790 standard

In April 2006, the US Defense Supply Center, Columbus (DSSC, a unit within the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency) conducted detailed audits to certify j-fiber’s production facilities to the MIL-STD-790 standard; j-fiber was recertified in 2013. This certification states that the j-fiber production facilities make high-quality optical fibers that meet the rigorous standards for manufacturing, documentation, testing, and process flows as demanded by the U.S. Government. Accordingly, the fibers offer a maximum level of safety, reliability, and conformity to standards, as required by military and aerospace applications. As an authorized supplier, j-fiber is qualified to supply radiation-hard multimode and singlemode fibers conforming to the MIL-PRF 49291 specification.

Sustainability and intelligent ecological management

j-fiber was one of the first fiber manufacturers to implement company-wide production processes that are both ‘green’ and safe – and these are also checked along the supply chain. Our integrated ecological management and systematic recycling (recycling rate of 98.2%) allows us to run complex chemical processes while conserving resources and protecting the environment. j-fiber has run an environmental management system in line with the rigorous EMAS rules since 1998 and conducts regular audits to prove compliance.

Overview of the certificates held by our facilities



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