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j-fiber GmbH is one of Europe’s leading providers of optical fibers for data transmission and the only industrial-scale manufacturer of fibers in Germany.

As a leading specialist for multimode fibers, j-fiber offers its customers a broad-based portfolio of services for standards-compliant, high-performance multimode fibers – from OM1 to OM5 multimode fibers. Our products facilitate the reliable transmission of data in modern data centers and manufacturing plants at rates of 1 gbps to 25 gbps, as well as future-proof cabling protocols running at up to 200 gbps. We offer our cable customers a variety of customer-specific services, including colors, ring marking, fiber setting and buffers, as well as FiberUnit products that help to drive productivity-optimized manufacturing methods.

In order to meet the rising demand for singlemode fibers for broadband expansion in Europe, in 2019, j-fiber formed the joint venture “j-fiber Hengtong GmbH” with the Hengtong Group and established new production capacities at its Jena facility for singlemode fibers “Made in Germany”.


There is a long history of optical fiber production in Jena. The development of preforms and optical fibers started well over 40 years ago at the “Jenaer Glaswerk. In 1994, these activities resulted in the spinning-off of an independent business: now known as j-fiber, this company is one of the world’s leading specialists for the multimode fibers used in modern data centers. 

What defines us

  • Complete value chain for manufacturing of optical fibers (synthetic fused silica, preforms, fibers, coloration)
  • Over 40 years’ experience in optical fiber production
  • Intelligent ecological management with EMAS environmental auditing


Your advantages

  • Solutions for manufacturing and research from a single source
  • OEM and ODM partner
  • Full bandwidth of special optical fibers from in-house production
  • Large-volume drawing capacities
  • Manufacturing to U.S. MIL-STD-790 standard
  • Rigorous selection and supply chain management requirements for our suppliers

Our strengths

  • j-fiber offers complete fiber portfolio:
    • All types of standard multimode fibers (OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OM5)
    • Special multimode fibers (MIL-spec, sensor fibers for DTS systems)
    • Multimode step-index preforms and fibers for high-power laser applications
    • Standard singlemode fibers (G.652.D, G.657.A1, G.657.A2)
    • Special singlemode fibers (mode field diameter, cut-off wavelength, customer-specific numerical aperture modifications)
  • Highest quality standards
  • Excellence in production and logistics


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