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Synthetic fused silica for optical/laser markets

Due to its excellent properties, synthetic fused silica, such as SQ from j-fiber, is the ideal material for use in highly innovative applications. It allows the production of high-performance optics, preforms and components for optical and laser applications, technical applications in semiconductor manufacturing.

Optical- and Laser industry

The demands for excellent transmittance in the UV, VIS and NIR- range, high homogeneity, for material that is completely free of striation and striae and that shows very low fluorescence fulfills SQ as main material in lenses, prisms, beam splitters, etalons, interferometry plates, wafer- and cuvettes material.

Use in all excimer laser applications in the optical und Laser industry

For use in laser windows, lenses, prisms, beam splitter and as optical elements for laser fusion fused silica must show excellent resistance against high energy Laser and UV radiation as well as lowest laser induced fluorescence (selectable according to application requirements).

Use in micro-lithography

Micro-lithography applications in the nm range reach the limits of optical resolutions. Stepper objectives, mask blanks, wafer as well as environments for aggressive fluid and gases therefore demand fused silica of highest purity with trace elements only in the low ppb range.

Use in technical applications

SQ is also the material of choice for many technical applications such as in windows, heat shield, in the semiconductor industry for chambers and boots or in simple optical elements. It provides high temperature resistance, extreme resistance to heat changes and a low thermal expansion coefficient.


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