J-Fiber Jena

j-fiber delivers certified and acknowledged high-quality products


Our Management System (IMS) ensures the quality you expect

The quality and environmental management systems of j-fiber GmbH and j-plasma GmbH have been certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

A facility that meets strict U.S. MIL-STD-790 facility standards


In April 2006, the US Defense Supply Center, Columbus (DSSC), a part of the US Defense Logistics Agency, has certified j-fiber as a MIL-STD-790 facility after comprehensive on-site audits. 2013 j-fiber was re-certified. j-fiber’s manufacturing facility has thereby been acknowledged to produce high quality optical fibers that meet the stringent requirements for manufacturing, documentation, testing and processing procedures to ensure maximum safety, reliability and standard compliance for use in military and space applications. j-fiber has also qualified as authorized supplier for
radiation hard Multimode and Singlemode optical fiber in accordance with the department’s MIL-PRF 49291 specification.

Strict supplier selection and supply chain management

We assure quality and cost efficiency during the entire evaluation process from raw material to components. We audit, select and qualify only those manufacturers with certified quality and cost management systems.



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