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Perfect precision. Efficient performance.

j-fiber Multimode fibers for LAN/Data center, various cable client services to support efficient cable manufacturing as well as custom-adapted Singlemode fibers

j-fiber expertise in optical fiber making ensures best cable performance: cable manufacturers benefit from our huge competence and experience in all aspects of high-performance fiber design and manufacturing.

An expertise which we also provide to LEONI Business Unit Fiber Optics as their competence center for fused silica, specialty preforms, specialty fibers as well as fiber processing technology.

j-fiber and LEONI Fiber Optics individually address your demands - for j-fiber high-performance data transmission fibers or specialty fiber solutions from Business Unit Fiber Optics:

Standard optical fibers from j-fiber


The complete portfolio of high-performance OM4/OM3/OM2+/OM2/OM1 Multimode fibers, BIMMF and non-BIMMF, standard compliant for serial transmission of up to 10 Gb/s Ethernet as well as parallel transmission of data rates of up to 100 Gb/s – to support challenging demands in future-safe, cost-efficient telecommunications networks as well as structured cabling in LAN and data center. more...

Fiber making and processing technology from j-fiber

MCVD Lathe

We combine our competence in machinery design, engineering and systems solutions with experience in fiber, preform and silica materials manufacturing. We develop our own MCVD and fiber draw processing solutions. A service we also offer to our customers: we plan, install, optimize and automate your MCVD processes, deliver high-purity gas supply and MCVD deposition systems, custom-tailored turn-key draw towers or provide you with fiber based OEM solutions for sensing, measuring, or automation. more...

Specialty fibers from LEONI Business Unit Fiber Optics


Optical fibers with customized designs for specialty applications. Benefit from our complete value chain and competence to influence the fiber properties and creating customer-specific fiber solutions. more...

Preforms, Tubes + Rods from LEONI Business Unit Fiber Optics


Ultra-pure fused silica materials for advanced optics products and high-performance optical fiber manufacturing in accordance with customer specific requirements – all based on the combination of MVCD, PBVD and fused silica melting processes. BU Fiber Optics offers fused silica for optics applications in laser and lithography systems, tubes and rods for OEM capillary, preform and fiber manufacturing. more...

Fused Silica from LEONI Business Unit Fiber Optics


SQ Fused Silica is the brand name for highest purity with best optical/physical properties. The ideal material for high-performance optics, preforms and components in various optic/laser applications as well as in technical applications or semiconductor manufacturing. more...

Cabling/Connectorization/Optical Components

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For all demands related to advanced cabling, connectorization or optical components solutions please visit LEONI Fiber Optics.



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