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Fiber Processing Systems

j-fiber serves fiber manufacturing and research markets with customized turnkey draw towers, high-purity gas systems for MCVD processing and optional full HW/SW automation -and develops fiber based OEM solutions for clients in industry and research. We are systems engineering partners to leading research institutes and fiber manufacturers. Our competence: We combine our fiber making expertise with our know-how in customized process engineering and management, systems design and built, and electrical engineering and software development– all in best “German Engineering” tradition.

Systems design and implementation

j-fiber is your partner for customized systems design and implementation.

Turnkey draw tower systems


From first design study to after-sales service we plan, configure
and implement turnkey fiber draw systems which are being used for the manufacturing
specialty fibers with complex designs and multiple layers for challenging applications in
industry, medicine or research. We thereby configure standard draw tower modules to the
individual client’s product and processing technology demands. This allows our clients to precisely control the drawing process parameter for best transmission performance fibers.

Turnkey systems (hardware, software)

  • Process and recipe controlled supply systems for high-purity and specialty gases (hardware, software)
  • Systems for evaporation, dosing and mixing of fluids and gases
  • Customized automation, control and switchboard solutions, SPS programming, process visualization.

MCVD deposition systems

MCVD Lathe

We develop, build, install and ramp-up automated MCVD deposition machinery for the manufacturing of ultra-pure optical glass. Our clients thereby benefit from our huge experience in MCVD process engineering, machinery and fiber making.

Control racks, hw/sw automation


We develop client specific automation solutions, on request with hard-and soft-SPS and fully assembled.

For further information please contact:

Michael Schewe
Phone: +49-3641 352 511
E-mail: michael.schewe@j-fiber.com



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Michael Schewe
Phone: +49-3641 352 511