J-Fiber Jena

MCVD and PBVD deposition and fused silica melting processes – j-fiber process technologies enable innovative fiber-optics solutions in data communications and diverse specialty applications

With j-fiber and j-plasma, LEONI Group maintains a unique processing competence center at its Jena location with three available process technologies: MCVD (Modified Chemical Vapor Deposition), PBVD (Plasma Based Vapor Deposition) and melting equipment for the manufacturing of fused silica glass together provide a unique set of optimized, efficient manufacturing options in one place.

Their combination allows the making of fiber-optics products and services, individually adapted to specific customer requirements for use in each of their applications: fused silica for preforms and various optics and laser applications as well as custom-designed preforms for large-core step-index fiber.

MCVD - Modified Chemical Vapor Deposition


we design and build our own MCVD processing machinery to achieve preforms of highest quality, which guarantee the Multimode fibers performance our clients need for their LAN and data center cables. more...

PBVD - Plasma Based Vapor Deposition PBVD


As competence center for Leoni Business Unit Fiber Optics j-plasma manufactures Fluorine-doped step index (FSI) preforms and silica rods for their innovative specialty fibers. more...

Fused silica process line for the manufacturing of high-purity silica material


j-fiber supplies Leoni Business Unit Fiber Optics with high-purity SQ fused silica glass to support advanced applications in optics, laser, lithography as well as preform manufacturing. more...



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