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j-fiber Multimode fibers supporting the trends in advanced high-speed data transmission cables and networks

Advanced data center cabling requires optical fiber solutions that ensure reliable, standard compliant high bandwidth transmission, support long term installation perspectives, consider link length demands, density and cable management factors, and finally help to save costs and space.

The demand for high-speed data transmission and the rapidly increasing number of networked devices ask for fast transition to higher-bandwidth transmission protocols.

Optical fibers for advanced cabling in LAN and data center must offer solutions to meet the currently most important trends connected to fast, space efficient and future-safe data transmission:

  • OM4 and OM3 fibers enable serial 10 Gb/s Ethernet transmission over up to 550m link lengths in compliance with the respective standards
  • The latest IEEE project for parallel data transmission concepts in 100GBase-SR4 networks discuss OM4 bandwidth performance with 4 fibers x 25 Gb/s Ethernet over 100m link lengths
  • Challenging installation situations and the installation of cables in very small bend-radii have meanwhile made bend-insensitive Multimode fibers (BIMMF) the fiber of choice in LAN and data center cabling. They more and more replace conventional non-BIMMF 10 Gb/s Ethernet transmission fibers.

Trend OM4: j-fiber OptiGrade OM4 standard compliant MMF

  • The definition of the OM4 standard enabled longer link 10 Gb Ethernet and 16 Gb/s FiberChannel applications and further strengthened the use of Multimode fibers in advanced network installations. Many service providers and data center managers are already using OM4 to extend 10 GbE Multimode applications to distances up to 550 meters. IEEE ultimately adopted OM4 as it is capable of transmitting 40/100 Gb/s over 150 m and thereby support over 97% of all links in data center. With OptiGrade 550 j-fiber has a fully standard compliant OM4 fiber which is also available in the bend-insensitive version as j-BendAble OM4.

j-fiber is a specialist for Multimode fibers. Our fibers offer solutions for the above mentioned trends in advanced LAN and data center cabling:

j-BendAble BIMMF and OptiGrade Non-BIMMF OM4 and OM3 Multimode fibers for the reliable, standard compliant data transmission of 10 Gb/s Ethernet. j-fiber offers the complete portfolio of 50µm Multimode fibers.

j-BendAble and OptiGrade OM4 fibers for parallel transmission of 25 Gb/s per Fiber over 100m distance according to IEEE project, 2nd generation for 100 GbBase-SR4 networks.

j-BendAble OM4/OM3/OM2+/OM2 BIMMF bend-insensitive Multimode fibers. The BIMMF technology had at first been accepted quickly and widely in the US markets. European cable makers had been more hesitant due to general questions about BIMMF compatibility issues, fiber life time or standard compliance. Meanwhile the large European clients switch to j-BendAble, so did LEONI Business Unit Infrastructure & Datacom which now uses j-BendAble for its complete fiber cable product line. To meet the increasing internal and external demand for j-BendAble, j-fiber had been substantially investing in process technology and optimization at the Jena location.

With j-BendAble, j-fiber offers a bend-insensitive Multimode fiber that has been competitively tested with superior results in fiber performance, compatibility and splice loss.

j-fiber has the Multimode fiber that best fits your cable solution – from 50µm to 62.5µm, BIMMF or non-BIMMF and with data transmission performance from OM4 to OM1, from single fibers to multi-fiber units.

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