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j-LWP SMF+ Low Water Peak Singlemode fiber according to G.652.D


Lowest attenuation, maximum capacity, and guaranteed compatibility.

j-fiber's Low Water Peak Singlemode fiber SMF+ is a full spectrum fiber which provides enhanced performance across the entire 1260nm to 1625nm wavelength range. Due to its reliable long-term low attenuation at the 1383nm water peak region the fiber allows operation in the expanded band (wavelength range across 1360nm to 1480nm). It is the fiber of choice when lowest cost at maximum flexibility is required in optical networks.

Comparison between conventional SMF and j-fiber SMF+LWP

Standard SMF vs LWPF

Lowest attenuation. Maximum capacity. Ensured Compatibility.

  • Full spectrum fiber to benefit from lower cost laser use in wavelength range 1260 nm up to 1625nm
  • Reliable long term low attenuation at 1383nm water peak region for expanded fiber capacity through use of higher number of channels or enabling of wavelength multiplexing (DWDM and CWDM)
  • Lowest PMD value for extended distance performance
  • Superior fiber uniformity and geometry results in easy handling and excellent splicing performance
  • Full compatibility and interoperability with installed fiber base, including standard Singlemode
  • fiber accord. ITU-T G.652 A, B, C and D


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