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j-LBL SMF G.657.A1 Standard Singlemode fiber

Bend-optimized Singlemode fiber for challenging cable constructions

j-fiber's j-LBL SMF is a full spectrum fiber and features an optimized waveguide design for excellent macro bending performance and is therefore best suited for Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTx) networks where fibers face a greater degree of bending due to smaller distribution cabinets and compact fiber management systems.

j-fiber's j-LBL SMF offers outstanding bend performance that is far superior to conventional matched-clad Singlemode fibers for access and premises networks or any application where tolerance to small bend radii and robustness is required. The use of j-LBL SMF supports efficient network installation as it helps to easily meet highly demanding installation conditions. At the same time j-fiber j-LBL SMF is fully compatible with the installed fiber base of any G.652 fiber.
j-LBL SMF excellent bending performance also results in lower attenuation when used in challenging cabling constructions such as tight buffer, ribbon and cables for low temperatures.
j-fiber's j-LBL SMF low macro bending sensitivity is maintained across the entire usable 1260nm to 1625nm wavelength range. Due to its reliable long-term low attenuation at the 1383nm water peak region the fiber also allows operation in the expanded band (wavelength range across 1360nm to 1480nm).

Comparison of typical bend-performance characteristics of j-fiber j-LBL SMF (10mm Radius, 1 Turn)

j-SMF-LBL-G.657.A - eng

Features. Benefits. Application.

  • Full spectrum fiber for use in wavelength range 1260nm up to 1625nm
  • Low macro-bending loss for small bend radii supports tight storage of surplus fiber in compact installations
  • Low micro-bending loss allows for highly demanding cable designs such as required in Fiber-to-the-Home applications
  • Reliable long term low attenuation at 1383nm water peak region for expanded fiber capacity through extended possibilities for wavelength multiplexing (DWDM and CWDM)
  • Superior fiber uniformity and geometry results in easy handling and excellent splicing performance
  • Full backwards-compatibility and interoperability with installed fiber base, such as standard Singlemode fiber accord. ITU-T G.657.A1, G.652.A, B, C and D, low loss splicing with conventional Singlemode and Low Water Peak Singlemode (e.g. j- LWP SMF+) fiber.


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