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j-FiberUnit 40

j-FiberUnits 40/100

Up to 100 Gb/s Ethernet high data rate transmission of over more than 150 m link lengths, exceeding current IEEE demands

j-FiberUnit 40 and j-FiberUnit 100 have been designed to support higher data rate transmission in advanced data center cabling. They contain pre-selected, low-skew (≤0.75ns) j-fiber OptiGrade OM3 and OM4 fibers in standard or bend-insensitive version and allow reliable up to 100 Gb/s Ethernet parallel data transmission. Both j-fiber OM3 and OM4 fiber types provide more than 150 m link lengths performance which exceeds current IEEE objectives and allows to cover up to 97% of all data center link lengths demands in structured, future-safe IT cabling, while reducing network complexity and costs. Unlike current fiber ribbon constructions j-FiberUnits 40/100 have no preferential bend limitation.

Specification j-FiberUnits 40/100

j-FiberUnits 40/100 Specified Values Unit
Number of Fibers in Unit
j-FiberUnit 40
j-FiberUnit 100

4 (8 full duplex, optional 12)
10 (optional 12)
Fiber Type



OptiGrade 300 OM3
OptiGrade 550 OM4
j-BendAble OM3
j-Bendable OM4
Max. attenuation in unit at 850nm
Max. attenuation in unit at 1300nm
< 2.6
Skew < 0.75ns
Transmission link length ≤ 150m
Outside Diameter 850 +/- 50 (4 fibers)
1350 +/- 50 (12 fibers)
Color set fibers 2 color sets for
duplex deployment
Buffer material UV cured Acrylate
Color buffer material Clear
Operating temperature range -20 to +80 °C


Features. Benefits. Application.

  • Enables up to 100 Gb/s transmission
  • OM3/OM4 OptiGrade or j-BendAble fibers
  • Up to 150 m link length
  • excellent skew values (below ≤0.75 ns)
  • Easy removable buffer material
  • Different color coded fiber sets
  • 12 fibers per unit for best MPO connectivity

j-FiberUnit 40

j-FiberUnit 40 uses 4 j-fibers OptiGrade OM3 or optional OptiGrade 550 OM4 fibers in standard or bend-insensitive version, providing for 10 Gb/s transmission capacity each. For full duplex design and easy connectivity with 12 fiber MPO connectors, j-fiber offers FiberUnits with 12 fibers as an option.

Features. Benefits. Application.

  • Enables 40 Gb/s transmission using 4 OM3 / OM4 OptiGrade or j-BendAble fibers
  • More than 150 m link lengths
  • Pre-selected fibers with excellent skew values far below ≤0.75 ns
  • Easy removable buffer material
  • Different color coded fiber sets for full 40 Gb/s duplex operation
  • Optional 12 fibers per unit

Other colors and color combinations available upon request.



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