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j-fiber high-performance optical fibers combined in multi-fiber units of 2-12 fibers of choice – to support high-efficiency cables manufacturing

While performance demands and cost pressure increase, cable manufacturers look for ways to increase productivity in cable manufacturing. With j-FiberUnit Series, j-fiber offers a product line and value-add service to its global cable manufacturing clients. j-FiberUnits contain an individual client selection of j-fiber Multimode or Singlemode high-performance optical fibers, packaged and bundled in units with optional
2, 4, 6, 8 or 12 fibers.
j-FiberUnits are delivered with a protective acrylate coating which can be easily removed. j-FiberUnit products and bundling services allow cable makers to outsource a bottleneck production step to support productivity enhanced cable manufacturing of high-performance optical cables.


Specification j-FiberUnit

j-FiberUnit Unit
Number of Fibers in Unit 46812
Outer Diameter 850 +/- 50 1000 +/- 50 1100 +/- 50 1350 +/- 50 µm

Fiber colors according to IEC 60304
Coating unit material UV cured Acrylate
Color coating unit material clear
Filling compound easy removable gel
Operating temperature range for
MMF 50
-20 to +80 °C
Operating temperature range for
MMF 62.5/SMF
-40 to +80 °C


Features. Benefits. Application.

  • Value-add service to cable makers for outsourcing the fiber packaging step
  • j-FiberUnits contain j-fiber high-performance Multimode or Singlemode optical fibers
  • Individual customer selection of fiber set with up to 12 fibers
  • Supports high-efficiency cable manufacturing
  • On-demand delivery with protective easy removable acrylate buffer material
  • Different color coded fibers and ring marking of unit


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