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IG-09/125/245 Standard SMF

Singlemode Fiber IG-09/125/245

j-fiber’s Singlemode G.652.B fiber type provides highest quality and reliable performance at optimized costs. Our Singlemode fibers have been worldwide installed in short and longhaul applications, LAN, regional, metro and access networks and successfully support telecommunication, data transmission and video applications. Compatible with the installed Singlemode fiber base, j-fiber SMF IG-09/125 provides high reliability in optical, mechanical and geometrical performance as well as low bend-sensitivity and dispersion. It is the fiber of choice for high capacity low-cost transmission components developed for the 1310nm and 1550nm window. For applications in rough environments the fiber can be supplied with an enlarged coating of 500µm diameter.

Features. Benefits. Application.

  • Fully compatible to worldwide standards, meets or exceeds: ITU-T Recommendation G.652 B, TIA/EIA 492 CAAA, EN/IEC 60793-2-50 Type B1.1
  • Specified for use in 1310nm and 1550nm applications
  • Features low dispersion at 1310nm and low PMD values, ideal for high transmission rate applications
  • Effective use with TDM and WDM systems operating in 1550nm wavelengths region
  • Excellent splicing performance and compatibility with installed fiber base and photonics components
  • Proven product consistency and reliability through our patented MCVD based process manufacturing technology
  • With optional 500µm coating


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