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Our Fiber Processing Systems and Engineering Solutions productportfolio:


“German Engineering” at its best for optimized fiber processing and advanced fiber based solutions

j-fiber has its own in-house fiber processing machinery and engineering shop – and we also provide our expert knowledge in fiber processing, machinery design, engineering, manufacturing and system implementation to fiber manufacturers, research institutes and OEMs. Our competence: We combine fiber making expertise with our know-how in customized process engineering and management, systems design and built, electrical engineering and software development – all in best “German Engineering” tradition.
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Turnkey draw tower facilities


We custom-tailored turn-key draw towers according to client specific demands which allows for maximum draw parameter and fiber performance results. more...

Fiber processing machinery


We optimize MCVD fiber process lines by designing and manufacturing high-purity gas supply and MCVD deposition systems, all available with full HW/SW automation options. more...

OEM solutions


For OEM companies we develop fiber based solutions for sensing, measuring, or automation for use in various industrial applications. more...



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