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Extended Operating Temperature Range Fibers

Industrial data transmission requires reliable connections when used under demanding environmental conditions. Fibers face special challenges under extreme temperatures changes of extreme heat or coldness, e.g. when used as fire detector, temperature sensor or for data transmission in certain industrial applications. j-fibers offers a complete range of optical fibers for medium and high temperature requirements.

Fibers with High Temperature Coating (HTC) for temperatures of up to 200°C

The application of optical fibers in demanding environments, such as in mining, industry, aerospace, military and transportation requires a maximum protection of the fiber at higher temperatures. The coating material reliably safeguards the fiber in environments with temperature ranges from as low as –60°C up to 200°C.

The special coating material allows easy handling and compatibility in all major cable constructions. j-fiber offers Graded Index Multimode and Singlemode fiber coated with our HTC200 as a basic option. All specialty fiber from our portfolio can be equipped with HTC200 upon request.

Fibers with Polyimide Coating (PI300) for temperature requirements up to 300°C

j-fiber offers Multimode fibers with a polyimide coating especially for use in applications within a temperature range of - 65°C up to 300°C. j-fiber's polyimide coated Multimode fibers are offered in graded-index configurations and in core sizes of 50 µm and 62.5 µm.



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