J-Fiber Jena

A unique allocation of competences for the manufacturing of superior data transmission fibers

Ultra-pure fused silica, expertise in preform design and fiber making and high-volume fiber draw capacities: cable manufacturers benefit from the full competence in innovative fiber manufacturing providing superior fiber features and high performance in data transmission.

An example: j-fiber’s bend-insensitive Multimode fiber (BIMMF) j-BendAble. The fiber’s special trench design minimizes signal loss in small bend-radii installation situations. Fiber life time, standard compliant performance, specifically for high-bandwidth performance of type OM4 and OM3, lowest attenuation, best splice performance features as well as maximum compatibility with all other available 50µm fibers – BIMMF and non-BIMMF: The optical and mechanical performance specifications of our fibers are the result of a unique internal combination of competences, resources and processes.

Superior raw materials:
j-fiber subsidiary j-plasma with its plasma-based deposition and fused silica melting processes allows the manufacturing of high-purity fused silica materials. These raw materials for the manufacturing of a diversified range of graded index and step index preforms, tubes and rods with several doping options, are the material base for the specialty fiber products of LEONI Business Unit Fiber Optics .

Competence in fiber making and large-volume capacities for optical fiber drawing:
As our client you benefit from our fiber making know-how and processing capabilities to ensure reliable fiber performance. MCVD and high-purity gas supply systems, custom-configured draw towers, engineering and fiber-optics based OEM solutions: j-fiber has its own internal competence center for deposition equipment, gas supply and processing solutions which ensures our process quality and efficiency. Even external clients can benefit from our know-how with draw tower system, configured to their specific process parameters, by implementing our MVCD process tools or ask for fiber-optics based OEM solutions.



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