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Fiber Coloring and ring marking

Upon customer request, j-fiber delivers colored fibers in accordance with IEC 60304. Up to 12 colors are possible (order according to VDE 0888-3): red, green, blue, yellow, white, grey, brown, violet, turquoise, black, orange, pink. UV cured ring marking is available upon request (except for black).

Fiber Setting

  • Save on overall logistics and storage with using our setting service
  • You receive the exact fiber lengths you need for the cable job
  • The individual colored fibers are sorted according to your cable job
  • All boxes and if desired the spools as well are marked with your cable job number

You benefit from our fiber service by:

  • No leftovers
  • No storage costs
  • No internal commissioning or logistics
  • You save on work hours for internal logistics
  • Benefit from shortest lead times

Ask for more details and your individual quote!



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