J-Fiber Jena

500 µm coated fiber

The application of optical fibers in rough or demanding environments, including industrial, mining, aerospace, military and transportation require a maximum protection of the fiber. j-fiber offers all of its standard Singlemode fiber with enlarged coating option. The dual layer acrylate has been especially developed to guarantee long-term performance and reliability. The easy strippable coating material is user friendly and compatible in all cable constructions. Featuring a coating diameter of 500µm the fiber can be operated at temperatures of –60° up to 85° C.


  • Fully compatible to worldwide; fulfills / exceeds: ITU-T recommendation
    G.652.B , TIA/EIA 492 , EN/IEC 60793-2-50, and GR 20 CORE demands
  • Specified for use at 1310nm and 1550nm
  • Special coating-designs for fiber use in rough environments
  • Excellent compabitibility in all cable constructions, such as tight buffer and ribbon
  • Proven consistency and reliability through MCVD-based manufacturing process

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