J-Fiber Jena

OEM solutions Fiber optics based OEM solution design

For clients in industry and research we develop fiber optic based OEM solutions for use in measuring, automation, or sensing, such as for fiber optic linear heat and fire detection devices, monitoring sensors for use in tunnels, parking centers, conveyer belts, and storage areas.

Our clients thereby benefit from the combined skills and experiences of j-fiber, FiberCore Machinery and j-plasma in electronics engineering, customized machinery design and built as well as specialty fiber development and manufacturing. Our Jena facilities provide 120m2 cleanroom space as well as CAD, test and measurement equipment.

Please contact Mr. Schewe for personal assistance:

Michael Schewe
phone: +49-3641-352 511
email: michael.schewe@fibercore.de



j-fiber GmbH
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Michael Schewe
Phone: +49-3641 352 511