J-Fiber Jena

Fiber processing machinery

  • High-purity gas supply systems
  • MCVD deposition systems
  • SW/HW Automation
  • Tools and Components

Based on our huge experience in developing advanced MCVD processing equipment and high-purity gas supply technologies we design and build the right fiber processing systems solutions according to each individual client’s requirements. Our services comprise detailed planning, project execution and implementation as well as service and maintenance. Our modular systems allow custom-tailored equipment configuration up to complete plug-and-play automation and hard/soft SPS programming.

FiberCore Machinery is your systems solution partner for best fiber processing

  • Complete systems solutions (hardware/software)
  • Automated control systems and SPS programming
  • Complex controls and process visualization
  • Planning and projecting (CAD)
  • Execution and assembly
  • Implementation, ramp-up and service
  • Documentation
  • Development of passive fiber optics data networks


FiberCore Machinery Jena GmbH
Im Semmicht 1
D-07751 Jena, Germany

Michael Schewe
Phone: +49-3641 352 511