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j-fiber Group acquires Schott Lithotec’s synthetic fused silica business


The successful transfer of processes, people and know-how completes j-fiber’s specialty fiber value chain - and allows the company to serve optics and laser markets with high-purity synthetic silica.

Jena, March 1st, 2011 In fall 2010 j-fiber acquired Schott fused silica melting process, including burner, annealing and selected machinery for further silica treatment, as well as measurement technology for quality assurance, process documentation material and patents.

j-fiber also hired the key specialists for melting, treatment, processing and quality assurance who supported the smooth know-how transfer and implementation of processes and equipment, which provided for a successful ramp-up at the facilities of j-fiber subsidiary j-plasma.

Lothar Brehm, j-fiber General Manager: „The decision to invest in our own fused silica manufacturing processes not only allows us to complete our fiber value chain, it also guarantees that this critical raw material is available to us.“

Under the brand name “SQ” j-fiber now offers fused silica in highest quality with excellent optical properties and different quality grades for us in fiber optics, optics and laser technologies, various technical applications as well as in lithography. j-fiber clients thereby benefit from the company’s expertise in manufacturing and marketing optical glass technologies.

With the acquisition of the fused silica process j-fiber continues a 50 year old tradition of fused silica manufacturing in Jena and also connects to its own roots in optical glass. Together with research institutes in Jena j-fiber is strongly determined to further enhance the melting process and the performance features of its complex materials.

About j-fiber GmbH
j-fiber GmbH, headquartered in Jena, Germany, is one of the worldwide largest supplier of optical fibers, preforms and synthetic fused silica to support future-safe telecom/datacom networks and advanced optics and laser technologies. Together with j-fiber subsidiaries j-plasma GmbH and FiberCore Machinery we ensure highest quality and cost-efficiency along a unique value chain: we manufacture own fused silica, design and make preforms in accordance with individual customer requirements by using our own process machinery and finally draw j-fiber standard and specialty optical fibers for use in various markets. With the acquisition of the SCHOTT LITHOTEC fused silica business 2010 we further invest in solid j-fiber growth in current and related markets. j-fiber is a member of the LEONI group, a large supplier of wires, cables and wiring systems to the global automotive, transportation, communication and infrastructure markets.



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