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zh:j-fiber introduces its „Your Fiber Choice“ MMF Compatibility Solution at IWCS 2011

Mixing bend-insensitive fibers with standard 50/125 fibers – a solution that is both, compatible and available


November 7th, 2011

Bend-insensitive fibers have been aggressively pushed into the market as the optimum and sole solution for data center wide cabling. Fibers with lowest attenuation losses even under very tight bending have been designed to support tight space concepts in data center cabling, such as in racks, to help save space and costs and provide highest bandwidths even in small bend-radii or challenging installation situations.

However, clients in data center planning or operation might prefer to install standard fibers in trunk cables to bridge longer distances. Here, standard OM4 and OM3 fibers might be the better option to support cost-efficient high-bandwidth cabling concepts.

But: fiber companies have either eliminated standard fibers from their offering or compatibility-issues with other fiber brands and designs limit individual solutions and flexibility in new data center planning, MAC or upgrade decisions.

The question is:
Does your cable solution supplier offer you the fiber choice?
If not, try j-fiber.

You might prefer to have the flexibility and independence to choose your own fiber cabling solution, cable supplier or fiber design for a new facility, an upgrade or modification.

Our fiber portfolio supports this approach.
With the “Your Fiber Choice” compatibility solution j-fiber supports flexibility and cost-efficiency in data center planning and operation decisions:


  • With j-BendAbleOMx j-fiber provides bend-insensitive OM4/OM3/OM2/OM2+ compliant fibers for use in tight-bending patch field installations with the compatibility plus. j-BendAble fibers are compatible with any available standard and bend-insensitive fiber brand or design. They present the optimum low-loss, minimum attenuation data center fiber solution with DMD measured high-bandwidth, proven macro-bending performance and lowest splicing losses when connected to standard or other bend-insensitive fibers.
  • For reliable 10 Gb/s transmission in long link-length trunk cables j-fiber has a portfolio of best performance standard Multimode fibers available. OptiGrade OM4/OM3/OM2+ standard compliant high-bandwidth Multimode fibers allow for unlimited mix and match cabling options to support cost-efficiency targets in advanced LAN and data center cabling.




j-fiber has conducted several fiber measurements to validate its j-BendAble compliance with j-fiber and other available brands of standard or bend-insensitive fibers.

zh:The test results prove: j-BendAble OMx is the market’s truly compatible fiber with maximum macro-bending performance

j-BendAble OMx fibers show best-in-class macro-bending behavior with an approximately factor 20 improvement over standard Multimode fibers. When being spliced to other bend-insensitive or standard 50/125 Multimode fibers the fiber features lowest losses. j-BendAble OMx show high bandwidth tolerance for real life radial offsets in connectors if combining j-BendAble OMx with j-BendAble OMx or with other available bend-insensitive 50/125 fiber brands.

MACROBENDING PERFORMANCE of j-BendAble compared to other bend-insensitive 50/125 MMF




Below are the test results proving best compatibility and minimized splicing loss between j-BendAble and other bend-insensitive 50/125 Multimode fibers




j-fiber j-BendAble OMx and OptiGrade fibers give decision makers in LAN and data center cabling the unlimited choice to select their preferred fiber mix – available, compatible and with measurable performance.

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